Hilde got a new hat.  Namely, a roof rack before Mr. Handsome went South. When I first came around to see what he was up to I was SHOCKED to see he was reading the directions.  But then I had to laugh when I looked in the trunk.

See that yellow piece of paper?  It says “Read me first!”.  Guess what was just pulled from the box and tossed to the side.  Ah, the balance of the universe was restored, harmony ensued and birds started singing again.

We tried to make the installation a 2 person job.  And it was, sort of.  Limiting factor on speediness was the existence of only one allen wrench. And, with Mr. Handsome being an accountant, there was a lot of precision involved in selecting the right foot, getting just the right spot on the roof rack, swapping the foot out 4, 5, maybe 8 eight times…just-in-case.  So, this left me with free time to entertain myself.  Below is an account of how that occurred.

Glamor shot.  You can’t tell but I’m resting my head on the car.  I have a lot of other pictures but you could tell I was getting on MH’s short side so I wandered a bit.

This is a close up of a tree outside our window.  Seeing the buds grow, blossom, fall and then the leaves sprout has been a daily morning additive as much as the cup of brewing coffee.

And this is a rather quixotic addition to our apartment.  I have no idea about its significance or if it is just a pretty little thing.  Lots of these features are around our neighborhood. I’d hazard to say he’s original to the building. It looks like to me that he’s puckering up a nice kiss for the check either to say hello or good bye.  Isn’t that friendly?

And, without further ado, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! to both of our mothers.  We know our gypsy lifestyle drives you both insane but you love us anyway.  Thank you for helping us become who we are and loving us along the way.