When we came back to Lexington for “The Big Move” part II we took some time in our old stomping ground of the Red River Gorge to hike with Matt and Amy.  Matt is in the process of hopefully procuring a grant to build mountain biking trails in the gorge and we were scoping out where his trails will be if he gets it.  The hiking was beautiful.

We were early enough in the season to not be attacked by billions of bugs, although the ticks are out with a vengeance this year and the snakes weren’t in hiding…

Surprisingly this fella was small enough to not even bother Ryan.

There were a lot of flowers in bloom all over and new growths of all sorts of plants. I could onslaught your eyes with the variety but I’ll limit myself to these two.

Ferns are abundant in the gorge, as abundant as rodos. I especially love them in this state when they seem to be uncurling from a long nap.

The above is a Lady Slipper. I’ve never seen one in bloom in the gorge before and this one would have been missed if not for Matt’s uncanny eye and endless wandering.

Natural bridges are actually quite bountiful in these parts but they are still pretty darn amazing.  And finding them is a reminder that you always need to watch your step in the gorge most especially if you are off trail.  According to Ryan the edge to this cliff just came out of no where.

I head back to WI tomorrow and leave Ryan behind to continue to love his internship.  He seems to be surviving alright so far but if you are in town and want to check up on him he could probably use the help in staying out of too much trouble.