Existence, aka our “About” page

Sometime a couple of years ago Ryan had a dream, one year, one car, one long road trip. We planned, we saved, we built, and we went.

The road trip was a phenomenal experience with memories and life lessons to recount and bore other people with long into our declining years.

Since then this site has been maintained for a couple of different reasons. Keeping the family informed about our crazy little jaunts is one. Another being that with the passing of years, friends tend to move and although friendships last distances sometimes it’s the day to day stories that get missed out on. Blogs are a great way to share these little occurrences (or big ones) with those who are far away.

It seems a bit narcissistic at times, but hopefully enjoyable.

And by the way, “The Taco” is/has been/probably alwayswillbe our best car/friend/home/adventurer who thankfully can’t really chime in with his, I’m sure hilarious, interpretations of our shenanigans.

1 thought on “Existence, aka our “About” page”

  1. Brian Arnold said:

    We are at Lost Rocks. Are you still here? Nice site.

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