We are nothing if not all over the place.

In the last 10 years combined we’ve lived in 3 different countries, 3 different states, a truck, 10 different cities and numerous different houses/apartments and the next few years do not promise to be much different.  Now as a gypsy-by-nature I really have no problem with this mobility except…I’d really like it if we could do it together.

But alas, Ryan has gotten an internship back in KY and being only temporary it doesn’t make too much sense for me to up and leave my current job (which is such a sweet deal) only to risk getting less of a sweet deal for a short period of time.

So we’ll be sharing split time again.

Luckily Ryan’ll be surrounded by friends and family and continuing to pursue his dream.  That should keep him out of trouble, right?  And I don’t mind the extra excuse to go back and visit said friends and family. Before you may feel too too sad for me, I do have some good roots here so I won’t be totally alone.  But we can all feel the big weight of that separation again.  Hence, the state of denial.  We are focusing on the good for us.  The opportunities we hope this will open and the good times that are sure to continue.