Well, in case you missed it…this happened. The whole house is doing well and feeling better…90% of the time. I’m finding that instead of cravings I have aversions. Our little adventurer has a strong will and sense of self preservation. The smell of beer is pretty nauseating and the taste of coffee is the same. Sadness. The aversion to beer is pretty easy to handle. The aversion to coffee is something to think about it and maybe wax about later. In happiness, these things are everywhere! Followed by daffodils and all sorts of greenery starting to sprout. Trees are still bud-less but that too will come all in good time. We went to a local park this morning and enjoy the sunshine seaside. The breeze from which is ear chilling cold. Note to self, the dangers of sitting seaside comes with a high risk for raising one’s sea-kayak desire level. Thankfully, we have no space for storage at the moment. Photos? You want a photo of this glorious seaside/kayak dreaming/breakfast spot?  Ya’sure you betcha!

…it is so cute that he thinks he’ll be able to avoid the camera. Of course, we are very optimistic about the turn in weather but ready for reality because between the last past and this one this too happened…3-4 inches of it. Always an adventure up here and always new surprises. Really, y’all should come and visit.