No pictures this week but I can say that Spring has arrived….ish.

According to the locals the weather we are getting here in April is typically what we should expect for March. And I must say that is it pretty darn nice. Spotted our first crocuses today and heard our first song birds (other than the return of the seagulls) which both have had uplifting effects on our spirits.

Our sidewalks are cleared and 80% of the snow has melted. In the mountains though it is a good bet that they still have a fair amount of coverage. Here, yesterday was probably the last shot at actually skiing…and then, only in wooded areas.

Despite all efforts otherwise, I must admit that we were a little “over” winter towards mid-March and are looking forward to milder days, trees budding and flowers springing up. The first Friday art walk was a pleasant outdoors experience and we finally hit up our local art museum. Something that will need to be revisited when the crowds are lower. They actually have an Alexander Caulder mobile!! You could have knocked me over when we turned the corner and there it was.

So Spring-ish is bringing a lightness to our steps. Maine gave us a good winter that hasn’t driven us away and we can happily say…Bring on mud-season!