….a couple of weeks ago. The weather looked acceptable (in the teens) so we headed for this destination. Peaked Mountain outside of Conway, NH.

I’m demonstrating how to not put on snow shoes (mine are the mint green shoes with the blue gaiters on the right). Those straps that hold your foot in you want to face outward so that they don’t just irritate the frack out of you while you are walking. Silly newbie that I am, for what ever ergonomic reason they are easier to strap inwards for me but clearly that momentary ease does not make up for the long walk.

New England has really been getting a lot of snow this winter. (On top of it being well below average cold.) But out in the woods with a little sunshine it is very beautiful.

We reached our destination. May not be the highest elevation you see but surely beats a year ago.

And the views were uncapturable (hush, I know that is not a word, English is an evolving language), although we did try.

Other newbie mistake came in wearing too many layers. We ended up shedding several. Ryan shared with the me a factoid that mountaineers strive to not break a sweat, especially when they are in really cold climes, because the normal cooling mechanism will take it too far. No harm came to us but it was an interesting thought in trying to dress appropriately. Really, for us, there are two hikes that feel quite different. The hike up and the hike down. All the layers we peeled off on the way up we put back on for the hike down. The elevation workout is still quite the cardio for us. And we still love every minute.

I remember saying to check back in in February to see how we are still enjoying winter. Well, we still like it. The negative temps were a bit much. But I’m okay with more outdoor snow sports in March if we can keep the temps in the teens and 20s. Check again next year this time.