First off, we survived the blizzard of 2015 quite well. Ryan got to stay at home and I walked to work. What was our main taking home point from walking in blizzard conditions? It would have been a lot more pleasant with ski goggles. You know how dogs get little snowballs stuck to their fur? Well, I was pulling those off my eyelashes. Crazy.

Two, I had a moment where I thought I might have officially become an adult the other day. My mother and I were talking on the phone and I was giving her my opinion on a topic to which she did not like my opinion very much. To me, difference in opinions creates conversation and thoughts and may/not change a perspective or at least deepen one’s affirmation that they have made the right decision. I was reminded though of all the times that my mother has commented on how I never heed her opinion. Well, I’m pretty sure my opinion was not heeded and that did not bother me but did make me wonder does this make me an adult?

Three, we went skiing again today and found that our kick-glides were more grunt-and-sort-of-make-forward-progress. Our blizzard snow was very “sugar”, ie powdery and dry. I do not know if this was the cause of the friction or if we have not had warm enough temps to cause it all to be icy. NE is known for wetter snow. Skiing was still fun but if we keep this ski hobby seriously then maybe we should invest into waxing skis in order to meet more appropriately with the conditions. Our legs are going to be VERY tired tomorrow.

Four, no pictures this week. One might say I’ve had a case of the “camnesia”. But it seems that each time we would go out for picture worthy moments I have left my phone home to charge.

Five, we are supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow. (LoVE!!) But it does make me wonder where we are going to put all of this snow. The piles between the sidewalk and the street are already getting close to the point where I cannot see over them. It is a very exciting prospect.

Hope these words find you and yours well.