Here is a little “som”tin, “som”tin for ya.

Been keeping busy around these parts. The snow is finally down in town so we could actually ski in the city at the municipal golf course. We don’t know how long the trail is but we are guessing around 4 miles. That is pretty darn nice even when it is so cold that your breath freezes to your beard.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?…And adorable?

Our Packers were in a playoff yesterday. The Mr’s only request was for hot wings and pineapple salsa. With a face that adorable, who is to say no?

Unlike years past in the playoffs, there are no jalapeno poppers or chocolate chip cookies (or Lakefront FixedGear Beer). We like to pretend that there is something healthy about all the sides but let’s be honest, the wings alone are killers. At least I don’t deep fry them and instead use the Alton Brown method of steam’em, fridge’em, bake’em, then tossin’em in hot sauce. The amount of liquid fat that melts off is a little horrifying and I’m still questioning if I could use the steam liquid as an addtion to chicken stock (waste not, want not). Any thoughts o’friends of the internet?

In case you do not follow football, the Packer’s won and will be playing the Seahawks next Saturday. So it looks like I’ll be making this meal, Round 2, next week. (We are a superstitious bunch.) I also noticed that the Packer’s play better when I’m knitting as most of their great events occurred while I was finishing up this project.

It is a hat for a co-worker’s newborn. In particular, the Packers played well while I worked on the i-cord button loop. The hat knit a little too wide for a baby’s head and I thought to cinch it down via a big button. This happy accident really added a nice style element. So finally this little project can go onto little Henry and I need a new project for next week, obviously!

That all said, I think I’m going to head out to my new favorite coffeehouse with some other crafty things to be done. (A gal does need a whole list of coffeehouses to meet different needs.)  This one is great for being a big open space with lots of windows, funky exposed brick, and most of all…really well made coffee. The crema alone is a dessert. C’est magnifique!

Happy Monday to y’all. Maine is quite lovely in the winter if anyone dares come visit.