You may recall that a couple of years ago I made our littlest nephews t-shirts with their initials on front and matching capes. These were a big hit…and continue to be a big hit despite the growing boys having to be squeezed into them. The request was made to upgrade their super-shirts…how could one refuse?!

Upping the ante a little I played with knit on knit for a more flexible fit. Cotton on knit had more form and I didn’t have to worry about raveling edges. This was the first time knits met my sewing machine and thus involved a learning curve and maybe a few choice words…thank goodness for the internet in aid with choosing needles, foot selection, stitch selection, and how to work around a walking foot jamming at the most inopportune moment. I can see every imperfection but I doubt the boys will notice.

Improvements in design:

1. knit on knit. more flexible.

2. snap on capes for easy cleaning.

3. larger. t-shirts and longer capes..grow boys, grow!

4. we even included one for the newest niece. Given how much her brothers love her and playing with her it seemed only fitting. So I’m in my head dubbing them the SuperKids.

Wish we could be there to see them open their gifts but it’ll have to wait until we visit some time outside of the crazy expensive holiday season travel.