YES!!! Another hike in our ruby slippers accomplished this weekend. We revisited Mt. Kearsarge (3.1 miles, 2600 ft elevation gain) with snow all around. Being twice the distance of our first hike I feel like we are still learning about what works in terms of layering and what not for us. I definitely started out over dressed but did at one point lose all feeling in my digits. (I only got worried when this happened after the pins and needles of pain…bad sign.) A quick pull off of my gloves and applying a little skin to skin (thank you warm neck!) and I had pins and needles again then full feeling. Still not quite sure what happened to have my hands go cold so quickly when they were perfectly warm before and when they were still in their good gloves but there you have it. Certainly going to keep working on it until we can avoid the problem with different combinations.

Enough! Onto the beautiful pictures!!

Something about snow really appeals to me. It is quiet and peaceful and soft…for me, it is as though it (snow) is trying to soften the edges of a harsh world. The day we hiked was perfect. Mid-30s and blue skies. The higher elevations had snow on the trees, icicles and beauty as far as the eye could see.

Ryan is standing uphill from me. The angle is actually quite acute.

And the view from the fire tower was breath taking.

We didn’t require snowshoes but, as mentioned, we did wear our microspikes. We avoided lugging our snow shoes by the advice of a couple of people finishing the trail as we were pulling into parking. They had spent the night on top. (I’m trying to talk Ryan into doing this too!) Most people had on crampons or spikes like us but we saw 2 people who hiked it in their tennis shoes. Maybe this could go without saying, but I’ll put it out there nonetheless…they were faster humans than me. I don’t know if I’ll ever become a faster hiker. It would be nice though. Think Santa could bring that gift to me for the holiday?

Happy humpday!