Ryan’s workplace is pretty rocking. First a fun Halloween day and now an ugly sweater contest. While Ryan made his own Halloween costume he elected to tap me in on making the ugly sweater. So one trip to the Goodwill followed by the Dollar store… all without any idea of what one wants to do… and we made great things happen.

It was very important for us to limit our spending at the Dollar Store. Otherwise it would be too easy to go really crazy. Total cost for the project ran about 16$ with $10/ sweater and $5/DS accessories.)

Here are the supplies gathered.

The whole process was pretty simple. I just started attaching the accessories in a layered fashion to the sweater with a combination of thread, pins and stubbornness. Of course, the accessories really make it.

I mean, who doesn’t need a leopard print poinsetta?

Or 2 turtle doves?

And you definitely need 9 jingle bells…

topped off with battery powered LED lights.

I don’t know if Ryan can win this contest because the sweater is supposed to be ugly and I find it to be quite cute.

Well, wish him luck!