Today marks our first snow hike in the Whites.

We were smart enough to stop at the local gear shop and get some micro-spikes pre-hike. I’m calling them my ruby slippers.

Click your heels 3 times and…wait, we are already home and we love it here!

The elevation of Mt. Williard is under 3000ft. It is only a 1.5 mile hike up and the elevation gain isn’t too bad. Parking is right at the trail head. All of which makes it a popular hike with locals. We figured it would be a good starter hike to test out our layering/gear/preparedness/etc.

And the views were not bad either. Lots of little waterfalls, streams, and the top view just kept going off into the distance with peaks and peaks of mountains.

Turns out that my warmest hat is one my mom gifted me for Christmas when I was in high school from LLBean.  Maybe I should consider going down the road and getting a new one? Nah, this one works just great.

The micro-spikes were a good addition. We started our hike without them and certainly saw quite a few people hiking without any but once we put them on our footing was noticeably more secure. You could take longer strides. No forward progress was lost by sliding back with each step. Even walking across rocks in the stream felt less precarious.

Who knows, I may make mine daily wear on my walk to work. The sidewalks are so roly-poly around here I can’t imagine a whole lot of effective shoveling once winter hits us in full force.

One thing evident from our hike…I need to wrestle the camera from Ryan more often. Too many pics of me and not enough of him. Ah well…there is always the next adventure.