Although the first snow of the year first visited all of our relatives in the Midwest, we were able to accumulate a little bit around here. Thank you dear relatives and friends for sharing.

Please remind me if I’m this happy with snow come February or March.

I really do have a special fondness for snowfall.  I can remember working on one particular school project of putting together paper bones to form a dinosaur, looking out the window and seeing the snowfall in the backyard through the small distance the lights from the house penetrated. The weatherman is on the t.v. speculating on accumulation and my brothers and I are speculating if we would be so lucky as to get a snow day. I can remember shocking the socks off the ole hubbo when the day after we had moved him up to Wisconsin for school they had 18 inches of snow and he couldn’t believe that I (who is cold adverse a lot of the time) wanted to wonder and jump into the snow banks. Ryan and I had so much fun snowshoeing in OR last year.  EEECK! It is so exciting. There are memories of snow forts, snowball fights, sledding, snow walks, and just the peaceful beauty of it all that jumbles around my head.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to start a first day of snow tradition/celebration? Something small and maybe not too time consuming given you never know what crazy life activities may befall the first day of snow. Suggestions are welcome. For now I’ll just appreciate a hot cup of coffee and the view out the windowpanes. For now, we’ll just plan on what winter adventures are ahead.