It was a family, laughter, and foodie weekend in the American NE.

My brother and his amazing wife had the honor of being our very first visitors in our new home. Their reward? A pretty spiffy air-mattress to sleep on (comes with a night light, a usb port to charge a phone and it “never goes flat”). This is by far an upgrade from when we had them sleeping on thermarests in Milwaukee.

Since it is pretty easy to get out of the “big city” we took them north to Bradbury Mtn State Park to view the last legs of the foliage change and I pulled a classic cameo-camera-dad-action-shot.

As a group we have determined that it would take a long while to exhaust all of the great places to eat around here and they have accepted the challenge to come back and try. Looking forward to potential winter adventures with them and also visiting in Chicago.

To make the momma happy I did make sure to grab a group shot off the top of my car. Pardon the line up feeling of the shot. I am pretty impressed with the photo capabilities of my phone.


Hold up….when did I become the shortest human ever? GARRRRR!!!!!