I got a homemade cake and a song for my birthday.

We all know that Ryan can make Indian food but he has never attempted baking before. So my bday request may have been a bit over the top. He was given the option to use a cake mix but the man insisted on doing the whole thing from scratch. First he started with the batter. It was so good our pie-bird tried to jump into the action.

And it baked up perfectly.

Next he attacked the icing. (Please note, I was asked to supervise and I took my duties seriously.)

He added it to the cake (double layer…swoon!)….

Candles lit…

He sang (which I was not allowed to photograph. It was delightful, heartfelt and adorable.) Then we ate! Couldn’t you just practically eat it off of the screen?

The cake was rich and spongy. The icing was chocolatey and smooth. He searched for the recipe from the website just a pinch and chose it by picture. A strategy that worked rather well.  All told a lot of butter and sugar was involved.  We thus would like to extend an open invite for anyone to come over and help us finish it off.

We didn’t grab any pictures of me but I did text Ryan on my bday a little kiss for his cheek. So if you’ve forgotten what I look like the photo is a bit goofy but here it is:

In Maine they say I look like I’m in my mid-20s. Crazy, right? Just further proof that Ryan takes good care of me and has successfully kept scurvy at bay.

We are finally settled in to our new home and even have an air mattress for guests. Our first guests being my brother and his wife next weekend. Yippie!

Today we are being a little lazy and prepping for a nice hike in the Whites tomorrow. The smell of dehydrating apple chips linger in the air. I’m knitting and pretending to make plans for dinner. Likely, we’ll head out for a walk soon as the leaves are changing beautifully.

FALL!!!!!! How we missed you!!!! We are so happy to be experiencing a seasonal change again. All over, pretty darn happy with this move. (You may want to check in on our joy come the end of winter or the beginning of mud season.)

I have quite a few photos from recent hiking adventures and what not. I’ll try to go about posting and talking about some of the scenery around here. I know the blog has been in hiatus for about a year but I hope to keep it up and running again for the near future.