Well, let’s hope last semester kicked the sense of senioritis out of this household. We are heading into the final semester of this journey. The last “to-do” list is on this white board. The last syllabi are downloaded and digested. Two of my last projects are turned in and the semester doesn’t even start until tomorrow (don’t ask too deep on that one, it was painful getting it done vs being super proactive).

So, if you are hoping for a free place to stay in SWFL then book your tickets soon because we won’t be here for another season!

My parent’s came to visit last weekend. We spent a lovely time at the Naples Botanical Garden. If I lived closer to that green space I would have bought a yearly membership. It is beautifully laid and has perfect nooks for studying in. You in part have to remember that the area is highly landscaped because it has way too much short grass. There is a segment called the River of Grass that lets you walk above and beside what the Everglades looks like. Very pretty and very wet.

(Note to Ryan’s parents: if you are able to visit this year, we should seriously consider giving it a look-see.)

Shortly here we will be heading out to Oregon for our one vacation for the clinical portion of this program. We’ll be visiting friends in Portland and Bend. I was hoping for a couple of job interviews in the time period but no biters yet. They just got a lot of snow that may still be sticking around for our visit. Either way it will be colder than here and apparently we really will need our “puffy” jackets. I don’t see how it can be cold anywhere in the US when it was 81 deg F yesterday but I have been assured by media coverage and photographs that are “not” photoshopped that it is indeed cold and snowy there. Needless to say, I’m very excited! Ryan’s is excited too but he’s bottling it all up and waiting to explode once his feet hit the trails in the mountains.

The end of this semester has a couple of rewards:
1. My brother is getting married!
2. Hopefully I’ll find a job.

And oh-yea,
3. Graduation.

Onwards! Mush, mushy brain, mush!