So Ryan and I enjoy going to a local ice-cream establishment that makes all of their deliciousness in house. We’ve gotten to know the owner and his wife in a “I know your face as a semi-regular” sort of way. It had become custom on Ryan’s long training days on Sundays (10+ mile run, 23 mile bike, 3 additional miles running…I’d join in for steps 2 and 3, not 1…) that we’d go there for an afternoon treat. Next door to this ice-cream haven has been an empty restaurant. It has been empty for the 2 years we’ve lived down here and you can see it easily from the local highway. It is pretty amazing.

Figuring that it has been empty this long maybe we could get it for a steal and I could finally open my dream shop, “Yaaaarrrrnnnn Ye Maties.” A combination yarn and book shop. Can’t you see the banner hanging between the masts? Or amazing flags. Given that the building needs some color it could become a fabulously colorful eyesore. Who wants to finance this decision, potential backers just contact me.

In less fictional news, I made a tasty spinach pie recently.

From this recipe: Only I did not make the pie crust which I substituted with some I had some in the freezer. A little homemade tomato sauce would not be a bad addition. And the thing is oh-so-presentation pretty. Minus not making the dough it went together with minimal time in the kitchen.

Sorry for the long absence in posting. I’ve been here, there, and everywhere, plus the holidays, plus an exhausting open-heart rotation, etc etc blah blah blah. The countdown till graduation is at 145 days. I simultaneously get panic attacks and euphoria attacks. Yeah-gack? Ryan is pretty much just euphoric. Hope you and yours are in a place of euphoria as well.