Ah, the looming event makes its presence known in our house like an elephant peeking toes out from the closet.

At this point, all the training that could be done really is done. It is time for tapering and not freaking out. Ryan’s bike is all tuned up and meal plans for the days just ahead of the event are completed. A conspicuous lack of vegetable the night before is in order. (However much that makes me cringe.)

Something even more cringe-worthy? The return of the snowbird drivers. We are in full defensive mode and peace/love/harmony-mantra-repetitions-while-driving. I don’t know how we could have forgotten how much the driving culture changes seasonally. And, Ryan just admitted the other day that I’m going to have to be the one to hide the car keys from him when the time comes (that’s going to be fun). So it is hard to get mad at the people going 10 mph down the state-highway; or, people who make a u-turn in front of your on-coming traffic, coming to a full stop across nearly all three lanes; or, the absolute chaos that now reigns in the isles of the grocery store on a Saturday all-day. This area could not exist as it does without the fluctuations and it is probably a good reminder about controlling ones emotions.

Tangent about driving aside, I’ll try to take lots of pictures the day of the event and even bring the “real” camera.

love to y’all!