We spend a fair amount of time outside and given that cloudy days occur way less frequently than sunny days we bought ourselves sun-sleeves for our biking adventures. I’ve noticed that we are in the distinct minority down here. I’d estimate that only 1% of road cyclists wear them around here. However, we’d rather wear the sleeves than more sunscreen which has a couple of negatives–1. chemicals!, 2. makes you feel greasy, and 3. requires reapplication.

Ryan recently replaced his sleeves. Guess which one is the old one and which is new. Assuming Pearl Izumi hasn’t changed their product that much in the last year you can see that the old sleeve is definitely sun-bleached and stretched.

There is something to be said for the protective layer a nice tan can do for you but at the same time Ryan and I are more likely to burn and we have a slight tan despite precautions otherwise. I don’t think every mole/freckle is skin cancer anymore but knowing the statistics, better to be safe(r) than sorry.

In the good news department you can feel a slight shift in the weather. Yesterday on our ride I had a distinct feeling that Fall is starting to meander its way south (the feeling of which was gone by the afternoon but hey, a gal will take the hours she can get). It was slightly less humid, the temps were in the mid 70s, and for whatever reason everything seemed happier. I wonder if even the bugs and the flowers and the trees and armadillos are cheerful for the change?

In the food department I have part of tonight’s dinner cooking away in the oven and it smells amazing…the short anwswer, meatballs.

The longer answer: mix 12 oz beef (85%/15%), 2 tablespoons walnut-parsley pesto, 1 egg, and 1/3-ish cup finely diced red onion. Bake at 400 degF for 20 minutes.

I used this walnut-parsley pesto recipe and remained pretty faithful to the parameters although it was a bit too thick so I did add a little more olive oil.

Fingers crossed they taste as awesome as they smell. I’m going to add them to this recipe for Zoodles and Meatballs.

Hope you and yours are well.