It is well accepted that recipes are merely suggestions on how to cook something. Often times recipes call for specific ingredients that when you were at the grocery you were sure you didn’t need to buy it because you knew the pantry was stocked but once you open the pantry door the recipe gremlins have snaffled off with your goods. True story, on repeat…Thus, it is a good practice to be flexible and substitute the heck out of some ingredients. In other incidences those same gremlins have merely skimmed off the top of inventory, leaving you a little short…

All of this to say that I’ve put myself into a pickle. You know that I make granola. It is a nearly every other week occurrence and they generally turn out about the same….well, this last batch is particularly tasty and we have little idea why. I know that I had to make do with some things and I may not have gotten the same amount of other things while I put in extra of one thing and what not…do I write down portions? Mark my cooking time? Nope. All I have now is guesswork to try and get back to this tasty turn of events.

Maybe I should put a granola spreadsheet to the fridge to mark what I’ve done each time I do it and then Ryan can grade the events afterwards. Scientific-process-zen-cooking?