We know quite a few folks in the affected areas of flooding in CO. Thankfully they are all doing well and only have minimal damage. This flood event though brings to mind the old adage of “be prepared”. I think that although hurricane season is almost behind us, maybe I should revisit the emergency box to see how well it is stocked.

If you are not too squeamish, the Denver Post has compiled a lot of pictures of affected areas. By squeamish I mean to tell the moms and SILs, that yes, we still plan on moving to this general area if I can find work, so…don’t look if it is going to unnerve you.

We have been chugging along around here. We went to WI last weekend for a wedding of friends. Can I tell you how nice it was to being in cool temperatures. We apparently brought a little rain and humidity northward but it was still very friendly.

We started the festivities Milli-wacky style supper clubbing a fish fry with a bunch of folks from the climbing gym.

The next morning we haunted our old neighborhood for a brunch with friends from our George Williams College days and may I say that the Saturday Farmer’s Market has exploded…

Between the wedding and the reception we went to the local brewery, Silver Creek. To enter you have to have a little faith that the sign leading you down what appears to be a parking lot for deliveries to the hardware store will eventually lead you to this entrance…

We realized that our wedding present unintentionally matched our wedding attire. (And yes, when Ryan presented two shirt options, I chose the one to compliment my dress. They had a professional photographer that I’m hoping captured a couple of nice people shots because I was horribly remiss in the photo-taking department.)

Ryan treated me to a gift from my old favorite coffee haunt that has a new name. The coffee and food is still as great as ever.

Overall a great trip. Too short. Very fun. Talking climbing with a bunch of climbing folks though does ramp up the wanderlust.

To which I’m happy to say that the second semester of clinicals is almost over! Just took my last test of the semester. Only have one small group project left. So last night I decided to attempt my hand at a scrub cap and came up with this.

Not too shabby for a first attempt based off of cap I already have. we’ll see how well it washes but I’m awfully fond of this fabric that was used for a baby blanket in the past. Just hoping it sends the right message….and does not convey that my brain is asleep.