Here is what our front door mat looks like most mornings.

Ryan has to remove the inserts in his shoes so that they may dry out. We’ve hit the peak of summer heat and humidity (we hope) where even a 6am run leaves one looking like they just stepped into the shower with all of their clothes on.

It is hard to know how much is sweat and how much is condensation. However, I’m leaning towards it being mostly sweat. That said, it is a cause for planning because even October can be a gamble as to whether it will be hot or not and if it is in a hot swing keeping hydrated during Ryan’s tri is going to be a big aspect of the whole adventure.

Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of shade providing pathways around. In our little park nearby there is this segment…

…which works because the trees are so tall and the path is about 2-3 people wide. Unfortunately, it is not a very long path. I like to run along it, even when swampy, because it is a refreshing view for my eyes. The shade, the green, the hush that comes from the dampening effect of so many bits of vegetation…go ahead, take a deep breath and imagine coming out of the dessert and into the woods. Not that we live in the dessert. But it is very bright here, very sandy, and very flat.

(Have I mentioned that I have 300 days until graduation? I may have mentioned last week the 300 days until the last day of clinicals…but now it is another round number ticked off for the ceremonial end….yikes!)

In other Big Days news, my soon to be SIL went dress shopping this weekend and found The Dress, and although I cannot share details (I don’t know if Corey is allowed to know what it looks like)…it is be-au-ti-ful. Classic and modern at the same time. She picked a weekend for the excursion that would include my mother, so I’m guessing the mom’s got to meet (haven’t gotten an update yet). They (being the bride and her maid of honor) sent me pictures so I too could be apart of the excitement. (Which let me tell you, when working a Saturday in the hospital, was a real treat.)

It has been said before and will be said again, I’m an awfully lucky gal in the SIL department. All of them are pretty darn awesome.