It is all better. I know you were worried.

He did a great job not scratching and it has so far remained infection free and is back to normal size. The bite marks looked absolutely disgusting.

The swelling did increase for another 12 hours beyond what the pictures captured. He was stiff-legged and walking with quite the swagger for 2 days or so but back to business on PABD 5 (post-ant-bite-day). And this morning he got up at 6 am to get his long run in before it gets too hot. (I don’t know about you but unless you are a parent having to get up to drive your kid to a weekend swim meet or some other obligation, how many humans volunteer to  get up with an alarm clock every weekend?)

That said, we are going to check out the course in the next couple of weekends and see how hilly the hills really are.

This weekend also marks the annual JATD (Johnny and Alex Trail Day) in the Red River Gorge. We’ve missed too many of these trail days. Here is to hoping that next year we can make it. From the facebook posted pictures it looks like they have done quite a lot of work. The coalition (RRGCC) really has expanded the climbing access in the Red but with that access comes stewardship and that tricky balance of preserving the wilderness experience with human impact.

This weekend is always a reminder to hold your loved ones close and appreciate all the time you have with them because you never know how much it will be; and for yourself, to live your days.