Ryan rode a century yesterday. (100+ miles).

He had 2 flats, one down pour, one rumble of thunder.

He also had the misfortune of changing his second flat while kneeling on a fire ant mound….

Guess which knee got attacked?

They even went down the shin a fair bite, I mean, bit…

Looks terrible, doesn’t it?

Fire ants won’t seek out people to attack, they mostly are just defenders of their mound. They do however, when perceiving a threat, tend to swarm upon the threat, and send a signal to each other to bite at the same time. The little raised welts are not infected, just injected with a bit of venom. The swelling and pain will go away in *hopefully* a couple of days if Ryan can leave them alone.

He finished his ride, went for a swim, and went to bed alright yesterday but this morning is the story you see above. His knee is mighty sore. I am refusing to let him clean the house today. Ugh, guess that means I will have to vacuum.

When reading into fire ants we learned that armadillos will attack mounds and eat them. Another reason to love armadillos. Now if they could only learn how to cross roads. It is slightly depressing the number of dead armadillos we see road side. How does one go about teaching an armadillo proper road safety? Or should Ryan just keep one as a pet and take it on his ride with him in case he gets into the same sort of trouble again?…