Landmark moment the other day when Ryan started to get excited about the countdown to graduation as well. It really must be right around the corner if he no longer thinks it is a “long way off”. (And by around the corner, that is still 321 days.)

Education-wise this last week was a really good week. I can say that I am seeing progress with myself and I was blind sided by a compliment the other day by one of my professors who has watched the progress of a lot of students and thus he has a good basis for comparison. He said that I am doing “exceptional”. Which I take to mean that I’m on a good track. Also, apparently one of the professors who is very hard to please, (I can’t tell a difference because he is a very kind person regardless) likes to work with me/educate me. My reply to the person who informed me of this was, “Well, I only have 300 days to mess it up.” [Ever the optimist.] So last week was a really REALLY good week for me. You need those every once in a while as a booster.

Next week, that may be another story. I’m back to the main OR with the evening shift and lots of call hours. Which is a great opportunity for really interesting cases but could also mean some very sleepless nights. I haven’t had to have too many call experiences yet but when I was on call with prior jobs I just couldn’t get as peaceful a slumber. You worry about lots of things… not hearing the pager/alarm, if it does go off, what are you walking into…etc. I’m older now though, so maybe I’ll be better about not borrowing trouble and get my 40 winks.

Wish I had an update to share on Ryan. He continues to be amazing and his training continues to progress. We did sprints in the pool the other day and he kept up with me…(and is darn close to beating me)…so if that is any marker, I’d say his swimming is progressing really well.

Ryan’s dad was in Florida this month just a few hours North of us helping a friend do some work on his retirement pad and at the end of which we got to share a few days with him. I can’t say that he got the best of weather. It was very rainy or very hot. Thankfully the company was the reason so there were lots of conversations to be had.

And just when you thought there wasn’t going to be a photo…


What is of interest to note in this photo, that was taken this week, here in southern Florida, when it was in the low 90 deg F outside, is the down Patagonia vest being worn by the woman at the end of the bar.

I haven’t quite become that acclimated to this weather. If I ever do I request that you pick me up and throw me into a snow bank…. (which would require getting me out of this state.)

Hope your week is a good one!