Alright, I’m back in southern Florida and man is it stormy! The house has been shaking all morning from the rolling thunder. On the bright side, the temperatures are down so that when it isn’t a sheet of rain falling it is quite pleasant to be walking around.

I really enjoyed my northern stint and feel like I learned a lot and grew a lot. (And it was reiterated how much more I have to learn.)

But what’s the fun for you in reading about that? Blah, blah, blah VA, you are in school, of course there is a lot to learn!

So, pictures, right? They are way more fun.

Ryan came up to visit and we went to Caverns State park. The cave tour although mostly natural did have quite a bit of help by the CCC pre-WWII to make it tourable. Those innovative men worked around lighting issues by putting porcelain plates into the ceiling of and putting their lights near the plates to get light reflected to a wider area. Although some more modern lighting has been added throughout, they do still utilize the original set-up.

Tried to get a “couples” shot without luck.

But I did get a nice shot of Ryan hiking afterwards. The woods were SO GREEN! IT was an interesting area of hardwoods in a tropical zone.

With the return down south the rainy season has hit hard. This is good an bad. I like rainstorms and it has brought out a lot of frogs and lizards and whatnot. Jeremiah has grown plenty from last year, or maybe this is his steroid infused cousin.

(They only come out at night and tend to not hang around too long, sorry for the grainy picture.)

And Eddie must be touting the wonders of our hospitality because we found a new little guy recovering in our apartment from losing his tail. I had a shot earlier of this young fella but it was really blurry. I’m pretty impressed with how quickly his tail has grown which has doubled in length in just a couple of days.

Don’t worry, I’ll be working on kicking him out soon enough, if I get the opportunity. He does not yet have a name, so if anyone has a recommendation the comments section is open.

I know we seem like homebodies down here but we do get out and party every once in a while. For example, yesterday we went to a gathering of folks (many of whom are in the local running club and triathalete org). A highlight of the night for me was helping set up and execute the coconut water taste test.

Five different companies, five different colors, five very different flavors. Who knew coconut waters could be so variable?

The winner by group consensus was a brand called “Parrot” something or other. But I don’t know if I could drink a lot of it, it was quite sweet. The next runner up for me was the Badia brand. It was not as potent flavored and something I could probably actually finish a whole glass of. The middle one was a raw one that was pretty tasty but too pricey for my wallet and let’s face it, I’m a bigger fan of turning the water into popsicles versus drinking it.

Alright, back to business. Hope you and yours are well. If you are coming to visit anytime soon, bring a canoe.