So, the seniors had their last test at Wolford College and their last M/M conference. As we are milling about and talking you can feel their relief and disbelief that they had over-come one more mile marker on their trek to graduation. I was impressed with them for the mere reason that they didn’t relive the “senioritis” vibe. In clinicals they are still hard working. In class they are still hard working. And most importantly they are still happy and positive about their decision to go through with this program and not begrudging the sacrifices made. Although I’m absolutely green with envy that they are graduating I’m also glad that they have left such a positive impression to counter negative Nellies met elsewhere who always find something to complain about. AND, in one year…nope, don’t want to jinx it….just let me get through the next year, please!

It is odd to think that I’ve been in clinicals for a whole semester…nearly. Where did the time go? I can see how they really say it passes in a blink of an eye and I can only hope to not miss important things when I do blink.

Speaking of time passing, I do often get scoffed at when I say that life gets better every year. I don’t know where that attitude comes from. Perhaps it is the fear of marching on towards a chapter’s conclusion. But who knows when that is really going to happen so might as well enjoy the ride while I’ve got time. Perhaps it is the fear of not being able to do everything as well as one can do it right now. Body parts wear down in often unpredictable ways. Should I live then in a glass bubble? No, of course not. It’s called calculated risks. Anyone have further thoughts for me about the scoffers?

Hope these words find you well.