Ryan was becoming a blond. Sorry for the blur but note the distinct lack of dark chocolate that used to be his hair color. I say was because he has since gotten a hair cut and trimmed away the golden locks. For a while I thought we were becoming Floridians because in conjunction with Ryan’s blondness, last Sunday when it was 89 degrees outside we had the windows open. Fortunately, it is equally hot this weekend and we have no desire to open the windows so there is hope for our mountainous return yet.

Part of the contributing factor to the bleaching of his hair had to do, obviously, with the increased amount of time spent outdoors. So the above exhibit A plus the below exhibit B show that we are not staying cooped in the a/c.

Exhibit B is a photo of his clips for his “clipless” petals. Left is the shoe (then new clip) from our WI adventure. Right are his new shoes. I suspect that in even less time than from WI to FL the right shoes will look like their predecessors.

That said, with his increased mileage he needs more nutrition options. Goos and pre-fab oat bars only go so far. Thus the cookbook, The Feed Zone, that I mentioned last week…and these bars.

And a close up of the mash.

The bars are sticky and hold together okay. The flavor is pretty good (I used a spicy chorizo chicken sausage). I say pretty good because I didn’t add any of the soy sauce or brown sugar they recommended and maybe that would have dazzled the taste buds a little more. However, the intent of these bars are to be nutrition on a long endurance ride and often blander will go down better than pep-ier. It’ll be interesting to see if I continue to experiment with different combinations. I see quinoa as a good addition… Doing something with coconut milk and sweetness…As well as alternate savory combinations. The book has a lot of recipes with bacon in them so those are out of the questions but a lot of good ideas none-the-less.

And finally, do you ever have fun with shadows? Or are surprised by what you see when you least expect it? Well, I found the next alien invasion. Or WallE, if you prefer a Disney reference.

Actually, the final finally is that I can announce the good news from last week. My brother Corey announced that he and his Mary are getting married! I couldn’t ask for a nicer soon to be sister-in-law but more importantly, I couldn’t think of a better partner for my brother. They compliment each other so well. Many many happy year are ahead for them.