There is very exciting news to share that is not mine to share. So before too many people get excited about what the exciting news could be I will point out that I’m still drinking beer and in grad school. So it is not “that” exciting new and once I can share I will.

Nor is it news that we are getting a dog. My dream of getting an Irish Wolfhound added to the family also has to wait until I graduate and we have a yard.

I’m apparently doing well (or “just fine,” as I like to say) clinically but I still feel moronic most days. There is a lot to learn and I need to remember to chip away at it, one concept at at time.

Ryan is over his crud and back in full training mode. He even bought a cookbook called, “The Feed Zone,” that discusses nutrition for endurance bicycling as well as provides quite a few recipes. My morning task is to make a savory-rice-energy-bar of sorts. If they turn out any good I’ll share the process.

Not much else to report. Hope all is well in your respective corners of the globe.