Smiles all around in the household this weekend. We had friends from up north come visit, Paul and Kate.

The Royal Scoop, where every scoop gets and animal cracker!!

We saw avian and mammalian watery creatures in water that has been the clearest I’ve seen it down here…practically the Emerald City.

And we all shared in the happiness of Ryan getting his new bike.

Which he took out for a little spin around our parking lot after getting the peddles put on.

He is pretty darn happy with the new purchase and I’m happy that a year of research has been fruitful.

In other news, I have been officially assigned to my first outside rotation that will run from the end of May to the first week in July. It will last for about 6 weeks. It is the furthest rotation site away that I have put in a request for running about an 8 hour drive away. There are hills in that part of the state. I’m debating taking my own bike up there but don’t know how I feel about riding alone. I think a little research into any possible group rides would be a good idea. So far other than the long drive, etc, the only downer is that I won’t be able to participate in this year’s reverse triathlon. I was looking forward to finishing with a swim and getting to pass some people. Oh well.