As part of our school activities we are strongly encouraged to attend conferences and assemblies. Last year I went to the national assembly in San Fransisco and this year I went to the mid-year assembly in Washington DC. The MYA has a component of lobbying included and we spent 2 days talking with a couple of representatives and other classmates spoke with our senator. This trip also included some site seeing!

Angie and I stayed with Tiff who chauffered us to Mt Vernon (G.Washington’s home…). My impression, that man knew how to garden.

Check out the date on that tree…1785!

Our one other day of site seeing ended up being pretty overcast but a nice walk nonetheless. Because of the late and long cold spring the cherry blossoms bloomed late and we caught the tail end.

And we saw monuments galore.

I include the picture of me and the Washington Monuement (under rehab) simply to point out that I really do have weird ankles. Are they supposed to bend that drastically? A little creepy, dontchathink?

And yes, I’m site seeing in flip-flops. FL may have acclimated me more than I’m willing to fully admit.

Also in bloom everywhere were beautiful tulips.

On the home front we have *mostly* healed from the seasonal crud. Ryan was originally supposed to participate in a 1/2 Ironman Distance tri this weekend but he is just now getting back to his training distances and so he passed. On the fun front he finally got his new road bike. (Ordered, at least.) The man has been living frugally on his budget all year to save for this sucker. Talk about a man on a mission. It’s a Specialized Venge, red and black coloring because red is fast. (Direct quote.)

We are also getting into a better routine with clinicals and whatnot such that we were able to enjoy a beach Friday not too long ago.

This may become more of an occurrence. When in Rome, right? (Ryan is standing slightly off to the side because he was still not tip-top when this photo was taken and had no desire to share the crud.)

(FYI I had a post written for last Sunday but somehow the translation from delay publishing on the iPad ended up with the post just being deleted. There may or may not have been a gasp of outrage at that moment.)

(FYI – II. I did pass my exam and apparently with a good score. Yea! However, rather than leaving the test thinking I’m a rock star I just felt like Dori– “Just keep studying.” My eyes are no longer in danger of being gouged out and Ryan seems to think that I need to learn to better celebrate milestones because after my test I just went right back to the books since I had the day off from clinicals. Eh.)