So I have a fairly HUGE comprehensive exam on Tuesday that I have been diligently studying for the past few weeks. My life feels like a big pause button has been activated and I am looking forward to Tuesday afternoon when I can start working on other things. Also, I’m hoping my eyes will uncross by then. Positive side, I found a new coffee shop that I love. It is a small place with odd hours but it has that perfect blend of busy and quiet that is most conducive to studying. Their coffee is amazingly tasty as well.

On a humerus note I have gone to 2 yoga practices in the last 3 weeks. The first one resoundly kicked my tush and the second one served up more. It is interesting to me to find the imbalances between my left and my right. Some expected, like my right ankle is STILL, quite a bit weaker than my left (thank you climbing accident in college) but some are unexpected like my left hip joint being weaker than my right. Go figure. Still, it is nice to have something to work on. I’m not quite the noodle I used to be…definitely more al dente…

Ryan caught my crud. (Aren’t I just the best and most generous?) I think if this hits again this time next year I’ll just camp out on the futon for a week and spare him regardless of his protests otherwise.

Hoping you are crud free, cheery eyed and caffeinated.