Well, I managed to survive all winter without getting germed….until now. I’ve contracted a slight dose of the seasonal crud. Ryan, that fountain of health, has continued to avoid the crud. Maybe there is something to be said for all that extra excersie or maybe it is all the time he is spending in the pool. My own pool time has been drastically cut…and I was never ill when I was swimming…looks like pool time is a double dose of goodness…now just to reincorporate it.

On a fun note, he has caved and signed up for a half-Ironman distance race in April. Has he caught the triathlon bug? Is this the new norm? Stay tuned here for future race photos.

On an even more fun note, our next set of visitors are planning a trip here the weekend after Ryan’s race. We can barely contain our excitement!! I don’t think plane tickets have been officially bought but we are counting it as all points go. One day, say in 439 or so, we’ll be freer to travel again.

The weather is still great down here. House is always open! (Hint, hint.)