Wonder when we’ll stop flipping the clocks with Daylight Savings time adjustments? Any of you know any farming families that really need the hour changes of sunlight? As a society we’ll probably stop that “tradition” about the same time that we finally switch to coin dollar and start utilizing the metric system. (I was such the gullible kid in elementary school, I really took my 5th grade science teacher at their word when they said we’d be switching to metric.)

There is something to be said for slow changes but another to be said for just ripping the band-aid right off. Plus, as a culture we love to complain so that would give us something new to harp on for a while. Just something to think about.

Can you tell my brain is having a rough go of it this morning?

I had plans to show pictures of a series of photos my sister-in-law painted and gifted to us but the computer is being very slow this morning with handling photo downloads and I’m antsy to get this day moving forward. The whole fact that I’m now one hour short on my allotment is throwing me through a loop mentally.

There are four paintings in the series themed around the seasonal changes and a dogwood. We’ve had them for longer than we’ve been married and it struck me the other day when I was looking at them that to as the seasons change between pictures the standing perspective of the tree changes as well–you see different sides of the tree. So there is an element of time moving between pictures and the painter moving around the subject. Time and painter move yet the subject stands still, quite literally because it is rooted.

That got me to reflecting on our nomadic life. Certainly we and time have moved but our roots, that we carry with us, maintain being firmly planted. What are our roots? The lessons we’ve learned and shared, the life we’ve build upon together, the future we see, our dreams and ambitions. Someone once said to me that home is where, when you reach it at the end of a long day, you can take a deep breath in of that place and your whole body relaxes. Where ever my tent be placed, when Ryan is there, I get that.

Where is that place for you?