I really will try to not make this a weekly blurp about how clinicals are going. It is somewhat difficult to think of many interesting things to say or take interesting photos when, as mentioned before, life is pretty focused at the moment.

Some days I take the bull by the horns and other days I’m feeling pretty darn clumsy. I’ve been told though that I should “give myself a break” by other classmates and clinical instructors and I’m trying to take their words of experience to heart. I might drive Ryan insane otherwise. Overall my trajectory is “doing great”…

On the home front our house does look like a textbook explosion. Apparently when it was all-classwork-all-the-time I made a more pointed effort to put my books away. Recently it is just easier to leave them piled up, open to various pages I’m going to have to reference again the next day, etc. I’m probably not showing them the reverence they deserve (oh their poor spines! is there a book chiropractor in the house?), no pages are torn (yet) and no covers have fallen off (yet).

Ryan continues to get the husband of the year award in my eyes. I’m pretty sure at times he can read my mind. The trick may be less impressive–food, sleep, and cuddling, are my spare time activities–but I find every time as much of a gift as the first.

The universe gifted him with cooler temps this weekend. He actually had to pull out his long bike pants and wear his head warmer. If the sun were shining, the 54 degrees and windy would not have been as much of an issue but we are a total cloud fest down here. These temps and the clouds remind us of bouldering adventures in GA and NC. So far the boulders do not appear to be going anywhere. Hopefully they will stay that way because we’d really like to go back and visit again. A nice long visit.

Finally, my dad has officially retired. He put in nearly 39 years of work for the same employer. That is a feat not likely to be repeated by many in my generation. (I sure hope I’m not working for the next 39 years…). He’s got his plate already full of plans for what he is going to do next. Maybe some computer programming, reading math books for fun, golfing, etc. Wild stuff man, wild stuff. He is moving from reading computer programming books for fun to math books. That is how we roll! Mom is holding onto her job for a little while longer. Probably a smart move to help with the transition. That is a big life change in the house. Enjoy the next chapters, Dad! I look forward to hearing what you get into.