The parents were in town last weekend. We had a blast! Visitors=trying new restaurants and they were delicious. We also hit up Everglades National Park for a tour of the 10,000 Islands (where the Everglades meet the Atlantic/Gulf) and Shark Vally (in land Everglades). Scary factoid: 99% of the mammal population has been decimated due to the python problem down here. Yuck.

Are you ready for a photo assault?

(Mangroves, they color the water in this area just as tea leaves would a cup of water. 10,000 Islands)

(White pelicans changing sandbars with the changing tides. We were lucky to catch them in transition. Just lines and lines of hundreds of pelicans…and they are not small birds. 10,000 Islands.)

(Pelicans landing. Size perspective–the smaller black birds are the size of a normal/non steroidal chicken. 10, 000 Islands)

(Mom and Dad enjoying the sun after a very cloudy morning.)

(Yes, he is still the most handsomest man I know.)

(Royal Terns, aka weather vanes. They always point into the wind. 10,000 Islands)

(Wet wet wet but drying Everglades…we are heading into the dry season. Shark Valley )

(Dad ready to pull Mom to the rescue. I don’t think he believed me that it was safe to get a shot near the alligator in the back ground…”the ‘gator is just digesting his last meal…I’m sure we have a little time before he’s hungry again,” says the photographer who is safely several feet away. Shark Valley)

(Observation tower, Shark Valley)

(Gator, Shark Valley)

(Fishing off Naples Pier. I don’t think I’d eat anything caught though…there was another Red tide warning out.)

(Snowy Egret thoroughly unimpressed with all the people fishing. Naples Pier)