I have a weakness for earrings but with the last couple of gypsy years I have not had a good way to store them other than a Tupperware container. I would find myself forgetting that I owned a once favorite pair buried in the bottom or couldn’t find two matching quickly enough. If you know me, this drove me insane. I used to display them on a nice over-sized-martini-like-glass-thing but that somehow got left behind in Ohio. So, since my holiday activities took me to the local craft store I picked up a few extra items. A plain wooden picture frame, half a yard of light cotton/burlap/linen(?) and some upholstery steel tacks. All told, with one of those 50% mobile coupons, this project ran $6.50.

This frame is a really light/non-dense wood so I figured I could staple into it. Which is how I got the fabric nice and tight over the frame so I could pierce the earrings through the fabric in the front. I started in the middle of the top and placed a couple of staples. (Note, I also unscrewed the tab that swings to hold the back on and just punched them back through the fabric b/c I didn’t want loose threads showing anywhere.)

Pull the middle tight along the bottom and started stapling to the corners, careful to pull the fabric taught. There is about 1 inch of fabric on each dimension behind the backing. Christmas wrap the corners and secure that fold down.

The tacks on the front are twofold in purpose 1. decorative and 2. I think they will help keep the fabric from pulling down with the weight of the earring.

You can see I added two extra tacks to each upper corner and only hammered in half way to hang necklaces and a few earrings that would not hang right even if they pierced the fabric. I plan on adding a few more along the top for rings or to give those earrings their own tack.

Tada! …the finished product (in our oddly super low light mid day winter Florida apartment that faces north). Below you see it filled in but with room to grow my collection.

Unfortunately this set up does not work well for post-backed earrings. I have a small glass jelly jar I think will look nice along side this frame to pour them into. I’m keeping my eyes open for something that could go along the bottom like a small tray. If you have ideas, shoot’em my way.