Once upon a time it was declared that I “knew how to write” or that I could “write quite well.” I realize that this is not always the case with the S.o.S. posts. Forgive me.
Many of these posts read more like rough drafts than final compositions. I can practically feel the change in direction my brain processed mid-sentence reach through the screen to smack me upside the head when looking back at some of the past posts. The last post in particular reads as though it was written by someone who learned English as a second language and maybe took a nap or two in class.
So, sorry. I’d like to say I won’t do it again but that would be a lie. I want to keep up with the S.o.S. and if I limit myself to final draft qualities they’ll never get done. It’ll become S.o.a.M.i.w.a.L (something-once-a-month-if-we-are-lucky).
Something is better than nothing, right?
If it really drives you crazy, consider it homework I’ve given you. Proof read and submit corrections…yea, that’s nice, Va, really nice.