There are a few documented photos of the kids capes despite my best attempts at camnesia to date…and they may be a bit blurry too.

Kids just move so fast…good luck getting a still shot if you are just using your phone’s camera. If I were trying to BS you about it I would say the blurriness was an attribute of the energy of play and emerging superhero powers. Hey(!) that sounds good. Let’s leave it at that.

A couple of things I would do differently. 1. I would have double folded the hems or put a seal lock of some sort on them. (Rookie mistake, I know.) 2. I may have made the capes detachable. Originally dreamed, the capes were to attach with snaps at the shoulders, but I started to worry about choking hazards. Since I do not have a professional snap attachment thingy the snaps and thus they’d be hand sewn, that is when the decision to sew them directly to the tshirts was decided.

A couple of things I learned mostly in relation to sewing a stiff cotton to a knit cotton. 1. Do not sew the cape directly to the neck. It will be too stiff and no kid’s head could get through it that. 2. When attaching the initials to the front of the shirt the key to avoiding puckering is simple…lots and lots of pins. 3. It really does help to have a couple of small pieces of fabrics so you can switch you stitch length/tension. Luckily I had to use a seem ripper to remove a couple of decorative pockets from the tshirts so I was able to get the right tension/length before I put the actual project under the machine.

Next week’s post will be about making sea salt. (Camnesia fail again…). A week from today we’ll be attempting our first triathalons. The water temperature this week was 70 degrees. Although I only expect to be in the water for <15 min I’m still thinking about a wet suit. Ryan should be in the water for around 35-40 min. We are headed over the gulf today to put our toes in and see how it feels. Official USAT rules are anything under 78 degF and you can put a wet suit on and not disqualify yourself from medals. (Not that I’ll be in any contention for medalling…recall 12+ min/mile race pace for running….no way I could make any of that up on the swim or bike.) But charts like this do not make you feel warm and fuzzy about hypothermia.