Five days home may not have been enough. It definitely was not enough. But then again a whole lifetime probably would not be enough either.

There was much to be shared in the merriment, laughter, surprises and overall joy departments. Just like a holiday should be. We even got a couple of flakes of snow. (With a blizzard hitting the day after we flew out of town. Don’t know if that was good or bad timing.) Pre-trip-packing was a hoot as well. Pulling our “winter” duds out of their storage box was like pulling out a memory box…learning to cross country ski (or cross country fall…if you prefer), many and many a bouldering adventure, a couple of lesser loved knitting projects that were worn all the same.

Here is proof that warm things were worn:

Gift giving and receiving was well done…my sister-in-laws know me too well with a coffee themed package including a shirt that proclaims, “But first, coffee”. The greatest gifts though, as always, were of time. Which reminded me (?awoke in me the awareness?) of a bit of me that needs nourishment. So despite my dislike of conversations held over the phone I’ve come to the conclusion that it would behoove my sanity to make it a goal to call and converse with at least one person a week who does not live in the sunny state of Florida. Whether or not that trend needs to continue 17 months hence, only time and job prospects can tell.

In conclusion to another Va-ramble, this post is being written awfully close to the calendar start of another spin around our orbit. Meaning it is a traditional time of reflection on hopes for the next go around. There are many hopes circling my thoughts but they can generally be summed up as this: Let us be good to one another.