So I’ve dabbled in embroidery and I’m not ashamed to admit that all my knowledge in this aspect of needle art has come from a random smattering of internet sites. In short, I have no idea what I’m doing.

But I am having fun.

Ryan recognized another holiday tradition in our house and brought it to my attention the other day (maybe you’ll have the same one in your hand-gifting-wishing-households). There is always one more gift that would be really cool to make. Why I don’t think of these things in October or during the summer is beyond me. Garrrr. Unfortunately this year, there is very little time, so I think he was bringing that to my attention to remind me to keep the spirit closer to reality. Of course, I think he loves that tradition because he was laughing at me while the realization hit.

I’m also having to give serious reconsideration to my traditional holiday sweet-making-fest. Does anyone know if the TSA still frowns on flying carry-on with bourbon balls? Usually I’ll have a day at someone’s house where I can go kitchen crazy but our turn-around time is too short this year. Boo! (But yea! because we are getting back to see everyone and we didn’t think that would be possible.)

My husband really dose love me, FYI. He spotted a sign for a yarn shop the other day and made specific note of its location. Never mind the fact that I have two fairly good sized boxes with yarns begging to be used. What’s one more friend added to the mix?