#1 tannenbaum

Meet our very first Christmas Tree! It does not have a name but if we can keep this European Cypress alive for a whole year we’ll have a tree next year too! Even more impressive is the fact that this is Ryan’s FIRST TANNENBAUM … yes, you read that right. The first one in his entire life.

Let’s just say the fact that he willing/happily/encouragingly procured this impulse tree-buy for me post Tuesday date night says a lot about how much he loves me. Or it may have been the super tasty beer. But let’s not over-analyze it.

It’s a happy little tree and per my family tradition has an ornament that refuses to face the right direction.

reluctant ornament

Along with my once-a-year buy of a bottle of Baily’s on Dec 1, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. Ryan doesn’t have many traditions this time of year. He gets to tease me about my weird one-bottle-a-year rule and usually I knit him a new hat every winter (not happening this year unfortunately…it would not be put to any use). Perhaps the little tree is a helpful reminder that time is progressing. If that is the case…does this mean I need to get a cement duck and have seasonal outfits for it? Somehow, I can’t see Ryan going for that. OK, over-analysis has commenced. Time to shut the brain down before it gets itself into trouble.