It was a good Thanksgiving when you can eat one meal at noon and not feel hungry again until noon the following day.

I’ve never been known to be skimpy on eating. (Well, as a kid I was always the lightweight when paired against my brothers. Now, I definitely hold my own.)

Since we were unable to leave these temperate climes for the holidays we were thankful to have friends with whom to celebrate the day. It actually was a “Honey Badger” gathering but no studying was had as the spouses/kid would be board silly. Holding out the anesthesia talk was actually difficult at first. Like asking an Italian to not speak with their hands but once we got used to the idea, football, food and our own family traditions became easy topics of conversation.

It was my first turkey that had been under a brine treatment (at least that I’m aware of) and I can’t say that it changed the overall flavor that much. But then again, my parents make a mean roasted turkey and have the whole thing down to a science. It was also the first time my friend Bing had tackled cooking his own turkey. Antics ensued like a mad 0500 turkey massage because the stubborn bird was still slightly frozen. Bing and Stacey did a great job though and left overs have been devoured since.

It was also our first experience with “Speed Scrabble”, which if you’ve never tried it before is quite fun. (Skip the rest of this paragraph if you already know the premise of the game.) Every player starts with 7 tiles face down. Every player is playing their own ‘board’. When all participants are ready someone says, “Go.” Tiles are flipped and you have to use every single letter to create words as you would in scrabble. When someone has used all of their tiles they then say, “Go.” Everyone grabs one more tile and builds more/on words. You are not committed to the words you’ve already played. You can change the words around in order to use up all of your pieces. The winner is whomever uses all of their pieces first. Speed Scrabble doesn’t require an expansive vocabulary or number calculations. It just requires basic spelling and I think would be a fair game to play across a couple of age groups.

Although we do not have a lot of board games, we do own a Scrabble set but I think that getting more board games might be in our future as they are quite fun and a good way to play with others. Any recommendations out there?

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one and if you too were unable to be with family you had someone to share the day.