Each new adventure will change a person. That is one of the gifts of adventure. How much one is changed parallels how much the adventure is a change from one’s norm.

I’ve been told a dozen or so times that “this program is going to change you” followed with a pregnant pause. I do not know if the speakers intend to insert into that pregnant pause dramatic doom-ridden music or lightly melodious angelic tones. Always it is accompanied by a stare that I meet, with both eyes, but then have to try to mask the fact that for the next moments that I’m only half listening. The other half of of me keeps on mulling over whatever in heck that was supposed to mean.

Being the worrier that I am I try to find ways to keep myself grounded. I happen to like a lot of things about myself and who I am. Sure I could use improvements and tweaking but if I am going to change I’d like it to be in positive ways and to stay true to who I am.

One way I stay grounded is obvious–RA keeps me in check. But a lot of you guys are around all the time too in ways that you may not have realized would be so important.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

I can recognize that RA and I may not own “a lot” of things even though we consider ourselves hoarders of sorts (the move! oh the move!). I like though that a lot of the things we do own can be related back to a story, or we can remember the time it was received and remember the feelings that were instilled in that moment of transfer when the thing belonged elsewhere and then suddenly belonged here.

The photos interspersed are merely a sampling of what we see every day, certainly not exhaustive, so when I say thank you, know that you are here in my thanks even if not here in photo. Thank you for keeping me grounded, accepting me as I change, and challenging me to always strive towards the better.