Your wait is over. After a series of teaser pictures the finished objects are available for viewing.

Happy, aren’t they? I’ve said that before but I’ll say it again, they really just seem to be happy and hopefully they bring that sentiment along with them to their new owners. They already safely in their new homes and being put to good use so I’m thinking that nothing got lost in the mail.

As a maker of gifts, it is really nice for me when I get to know how the fruits of my time are being utilized. In one house the elder brother of the recipient saw it, grabbed it, and ran to go to bed with it. In the other, she is an only child and thus gets full use of the blanket currently for tummy time. Apparently the blanket almost became a wall decor which wouldn’t have been bad use either.

I realize white is probably a poor choice for a baby blanket given the nature of children and play but my hope is that even the stains will tell stories.

We have 10 weeks until our triathlons. We could both complete our respective distances tomorrow if we needed too.It is nice to think that we can perhaps do more than just finish with 10 more weeks of training to put in.

Ryan’s swim stroke has really improved. Even other swimmers at our pool have commented on how nice it has been to see his progression and how inspiring. I have high hopes that he’ll continue to improve on top of just being able to add distance.

Being able to share this training with Ryan has been really fun and it is nice to be able to bring something productive to the table for him (my swim “expertise”) when he is so supportive on the runs and bikes for me.  There are many ways to share time and I think that this way has the added bonus of keeping us physically and psychologically healthy. Plus, it gets us outside in all sorts of weather and we get to see all sorts of things we would have missed otherwise. Frogs, snakes, birds, skies, sunrises, bobcats…you name it. So we continue to maximize our southern time.