I’m by no means a throw back to the days of yore when everything was made from scratch. If I somehow was time warped to being a pilgrim it would be a hard adjustment for certain. Also, I do believe there is benefit in chemistry and science (hi, I work in health care) but I wonder sometimes about appropriate use. Final proclamation for this post before getting to the punch line: I do believe that less-is-more.

All that said, I’m considering ditching shampoo and conditioner. There is a well written article about why some folks want to do it and how to go about it here. There is even a suggestion for how to treat chlorinated hair(!) which is helpful given that I am now swimming in chlorinated pools again. Wonder what that solution will do to the drains (If you don’t want to trace the link it is a mix of cucumber, egg and olive oil…think I need to do that over the kitchen sink?)?

I’m also considering going a-bit-more-natural with my facial cleansing and moisturizing. Another well written post about that here. You can trace my contemplation of no shampoo back to the contemplation of no facial soap from the line of inquiry made after the observation of wrinkle-free skin without surgery on one particular 80 year-old woman. (Turns out she moisturizes with the littlest bit of 100% extra-virgin olive oil every evening.) EVOO seemed to be better than many store bought moisturizers and cheaper, if you need that excuse.

Before you become afraid that I’ll stop showering all together, don’t fear…poor hygiene is grounds for dismissal from school so I have, at least, that motivation.

I like to know what I’m eating because I like to know what I’m absorbing in my body. Skin is a huge absorptive surface area interfacing with the environment too so that is yet another factor in this line of thinking. The more I think on it, the more reasons I come up with for doing it. The facial routine will probably happen before the shampoo routine.  I’m nearly out of my current moisturizer but I’ve got a long way to go on my shampoo/conditioner front.

Have any of you tried either of these switches? Thoughts? Results?

These are the types of troubles you get yourself into when you are studying for several tests and take a random brain break.