Our In-laws are visiting this weekend. Their timing ended up being perfect. The weather so far has been very accommodating and if you are going to drive this far south in Florida that weather better be worth it, right?

Classically, we spent the sunset at the beach.  Unfortunately, there have been red tide blooms in the area and a lot of beaches are closed for water activities (you don’t want to go in the water but the sand is okay). You could see a line of dead fish which smelled awful but fortunately could be avoided if one stayed far enough back.

This afternoon was a little bit of football and a lot of hanging out. It is nice to do something so normal with the in-laws. Just relaxed and sharing. Also, it gave me time to guilt-free work on finishing the binding on 1 of 2 baby blankets.

Here’s the quilting on the back of one blanket.

Even from the back it is a happy blanket. Can you feel the fresh ocean breeze that will be sent along with it? The flags are practically swaying in it.