I know that cooler temps are theoretically hitting other parts of the country and theoretically you can almost trick yourself into thinking it is getting cooler down here. Alas, it is still warm, warm, warm and our bubble of reality is still firmly lodged in perpetual summer. When you look at the weather report in Celsius you get excited thinking of leaves changing color and warm mittens, scarves and hats, but then you open the door and reality intrudes with a nice 72 deg F at 0800. The humidity is really going down so I can say NICE and mean it. That is our seasonal change…to be humid or not humid. The in-laws planned their trip (coming in next week) just right so far in terms of missing this abnormally long humid-hot spell down here. The weather should prove most satisfactory.

Humidity decreasing aside, I’m still experimenting with popsicles until the lender of the molds requests their return.

This one is coconut water, pineapple, and blueberry. Ryan is not a fan of the subtle flavor of coconut water. I may have to break down and get white grape juice one of these days. These popsicle were very refreshing and I had no guilt when I ate 2 in a row, at 8 am, after a morning run. Being the maker, I suppose when I bite into one I don’t have a false expectation of sugar overload one would expect from a box popsicle. This mentality may explain Ryan’s reluctance to enjoy our frozen treats.


I’d trust me with a hammer, wouldn’t you?

Towards the end of last semester several classmates joined together to volunteer for a habitat house.  We had a great morning building the outside, putting up insulation and then the vinyl siding. It felt good to do something for someone else.

(I just realized that the shirt I’m wearing in the above photo is nearly 20 years old. No wonder it has a few holes in it.)

So, that’s it for your something-on-Sunday. Hope you are doing well.