This week off has been very relaxing and I do think that I will be in top shape to start off next semester well.  This news is a relief because the start of last semester was slow going in the motivation department. We’ve been here for 8 months and have 20 to go. Alternatively 2 semesters down and 5 semesters to go. Or 28.5% done. Yeah, we are still early on in this marathon. Speaking of running…

The Twillight Tower of Terror Ten-Miler was a lot of fun. We started out as a group of 5 but within the first couple of miles splintered apart. I figured the race would be more fun to run with someone so hung back with Gigi so she wouldn’t be left alone. Including all of our photo stops and what not, Gigi and I managed to keep just under 16 min/mile pace. There was a lot of walking but that gave us time to enjoy the fellow runners and sites and sounds of a Disney event.  Some people were quite creative with their costumes. Runners in full costume included: Beetlejuice, Capt’n Hook, the Gator (from Hook), Cinderella’s fairy godmothers, Princess Jasmine, the Queen of Hearts,…it just kept going.  Given how warm it was I was impressed that more pieces of costumes weren’t ditched along the way.  (Since we’ve moved here apparently the weather just hasn’t been its usual self.) The run was very warm and humid until about midnight when a cool breeze picked up.

The race started with fireworks for each designated corral.

There were tons of Disney employees in furry costumes like this one below as well as oil-make-up+clothes costumes.  I don’t know if Disney hires a lot of theater majors or what but there were a group of guys all akin to Frankenstein/dead butlers that were quite in character and appeared to be loving it themselves.

And of course along the way people lost treasure which we would then find.  Here’s our bounty. (We opted to avoid picking up tutu’s and stuck with the shiny objects.)

Ryan is now in talks to convince me to do a half marathon.  I’d like to but I’d want to know that I could train to run the whole thing and not revert to a run/walk so I’m still thinking on it.  It would be the week after the January triathlon. (I’m doing the Sprint distance and Ryan is doing an Olympic distance.)

Onto the eviction.  I kicked Eddy out.  Not that I didn’t like having him around but I worried about his ability to feed himself.  When the opportunity arose that the front door was open and he was on it I was able to shoo him further out the door.  Initially he tried to run back into the house but a firm, “No Eddy, go outside and play.” and he went the other direction.  A friend corrected me in calling him a lizard. It is probably more approriate to call him a gecko which in truth makes his name, Eddy Lizzard, all the more appropriate given the nature of his namesake. Eddy hasn’t left us though, we still see him nightly the outside of our front door. He has even found himself a new buddy whom we call Jeremiah.

He may not be a bullfrog but he does seem to be a good friend of Eddy’s.

Hope y’all are well too.